David is a proven leader who knows how to deliver results.  He has served on the Downers Grove Village Council and recently has assisted the turnaround of the College of DuPage as Vice Chairman and Trustee.

In 2014, the Downers Grove Village Council proposed to construct a new municipal complex (a village hall and police station) at a projected cost of over $50 million. The project would have required raiding an economic development TIF fund and increasing property taxes. Even though David opposed the project, he believed that the people of Downers Grove should be the ones to make the decision on such a significant project (and tax increase). He filed a motion to put the issue up to a referendum. When David filed the motion to put the project on the ballot, not a single one of his fellow council members would second his motion.

Despite this setback, he helped to lead a group of several dozen community volunteers who collected thousands of signatures and ensured that the referendum would be on the ballot in Spring 2015. The referendum was soundly defeated by over 80% of residents voting “No” and the Village Council scrapped the project. Earlier this year the Council approved a plan for an approximately $15 million renovation and addition. As a result of the community efforts to stop the spending plan, the Village saved $35 million.

The College of DuPage has been a community gem for decades, but in the early 2010s suffered from financial mismanagement and fraud at senior management levels. Despite the election of a reform-minded Board in April 2015, the reform agenda at the College was put in jeopardy by the unexpected resignation of a Trustee. David’s appointment to the board in February 2016 allowed reform to continue and helped stabilize the institution. With David’s support, the college recently hired a new leader and approved a contract that the Chicago Tribune called “…extraordinary measures to protect taxpayers.”David has always been an advocate for taxpayers and he cannot wait to fight for them in Springfield.