Our state has the best workers in the country, an advantageous location, and infrastructure to utilize all of the resources at our disposal. Unfortunately, Illinois ranks as one of the worst states for business. We are in dire need of pro-business reforms that motivate companies to set-up shop here and encourage existing businesses to grow.

Fiscal Responsibility

For decades, Illinois state government has ignored its most fundamental responsibilities. Career politicians have driven the state into the ground with unbalanced budgets and reckless spending, resulting in one of the highest tax burdens in the nation. Now they want to raise taxes even more with a graduated income tax hike.

David will oppose the proposed graduated income tax hike, new potential taxes on retirement savings, and other burdensome taxes. Instead, he’ll work across the aisle to cut wasteful spending. Exercising fiscal restraint will help encourage economic growth and put the state on a more solid financial footing.